Three black journalists talk about the L.A. Riots, 24 years later
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I trully love this article because when the Riot with Rodney King happened in Los Angeles, my Television Talkshow, “Lets Talk About it with Barbara Charles” was being aired in Palmdale and Lancaster, California. We almost had a Riot there becaues of my show. I started my show because we, African Americans, did not have any media representation in the area from Los Angeles, Bakersfield, and San Bernardino, County. My show reached these areas of concern about the happenings with us as a people. I was also in Los Angeles during the Watts Riot of 1965 which opened up a flood gate that should be elabrated on. The African Americans history is a “OUR” problem situation. We have just choosen , for the most part, NOT to know for whatever the reason is about our existance, past or presence!!! Today at a book by Dr.; Rev Martin Luther King, Jr. sells for .87 cent “ 1965 entitled; “Why We Can’t Wait”, the postage to get the book shipped is $4.9, what a disgrace to us as a race of People. You want more history then go into your web brower and look up, 1965 Malcom X;s speech “The Ballot or the Bullet”. This may just give some of you insite to the “WHY” there is a Donald the Trump agenda! After you read these key pages of History then let’s have a intelligent conversation about this again. Reality is a lock and education is a mayor key. Here more from Mama Charles at:


by Mama Charles

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