The Way We Treat The Feminine Body

Aloha Kakou, All is well on the beautiful Garden Island as the surf rises with the passing of another seasonal typical storm. Hurricane season brings blessed breezes, abundant rain and a need to be aware and watchful of this ever changing weather. Just as in life the storms come and they pass and we move on and into the joy of living on Planet Earth right now. There is such great potential to move through the storms and create wonder.
This wonder and the need to be watchful transfers to pregnancy, labor and birth. I have recently come across some articles that indicate the need to be watchful with our birthing practices and the way we view and treat the feminine body.

The first one, which I just received form a friend on Facebook, is about ultrasounds. The amazing ultrasound that shows so much, has the potential to be harmful. We do know that the 3-D ultrasound that can give parents and doctors a very clear picture of the baby in the womb is harmful. The FDA warns against having a 3-D ultrasound as a keepsake, picture to put in your child’s baby book. These ultrasounds can heat up the surrounding tissue and create small bubbles that might send shockwaves to the tissue around them and this could destroy the tissue. We don’t know if this is the tissues of mother or baby or both. The dangers seems to be with the higher intensity ultrasound, but there has been no looking at the long range potential for problems with all the ultrasounds that are being done today. Are we creating unnecessary problems for mothers and babies because of curiosity (wanting to know the gender of the baby) and convenience (wanting an exact due date)? This convenience piece is really not accurate, for as we all know babies come when they are ready. Google FDA report on ultrasounds if you want to get more information

Cervical Exams: Who Needs them? This is the title of the next article that I was called to share. I have long wondered why there is a need to invade the sanctity of a woman’s body with the probing of many unfamiliar hands into her body. What information is gained from the probing and is this useful information? An exam done at 38 weeks can be very unpleasant if her cervix is still in a posterior position guarding the home of her baby. Will this information help her labor to begin sooner? Probably not, unless the hands doing the probing striped her membranes. (A procedure that should not be done without her consent.) This will not tell a woman when she will go into labor, only her baby has this important piece of information and we have to learn to trust this wisdom of the unborn child. What about all those probes during labor, are they really necessary? Does someone else need to tell her she is in labor? Probably not, she is very aware of what her body is doing as she moves toward the birth of her baby. When we can learn to respect the wisdom of mothers and babies we can eliminate the need for so many cervical exams, and only do so when the mother requests it or there is a medical reason, and the hands that enter are familiar and gentle. If you want to expand on this topic Google pelvic exams during pregnancy and pelvic exams during labor. You will find reasons for and against this practice.

The next piece I wanted to share is something we all know is good for us — breastfeeding. The information that we want to be sharing is that breastfeeding is protection against breast cancer — it is primary prevention which keeps the disease from occurring. The focus right now with breast cancer is secondary prevention which focuses on those who may have the disease but are not aware of or suffering from the effects of the disease. Women are being urged to have a regular mammogram which is a high does of radiation. Could this be a cause of some of the breast cancer that is showing up — too much radiation? Mammograms play a key role in early breast cancer detection and help decrease breast cancer deaths. This is being done without taking
into consideration the intelligence of natural law and the deep wisdom of the feminine body that knows that breastfeeding can keep her and her children healthy. Breastfeeding also decreases the risk to a daughter of a mother who breastfeed her, and it decrease the risk of obesity and overweight in all children. Much of this information has been documented with the World Health Organization and the American Cancer Society .

My last aha article is one titled The Healing Power of Menstrual Blood. The amazing flow that streams through every woman’s body once a month has the power to not only grow a child in her womb, but has the potential to grow new organs. There are stem cells in menstrual blood. Scientists are doing research that seems to show that menstrual blood has potential uses in healing. Here is a quote from this article — “as long ago as 2008 scientists in Japan discovered that cells taken from menstrual blood can be cultivated in the lab and used like stem cells to repair damaged heart tissue. A recent study in Brazil in 2014, suggests that the cells derived from menstrual blood can create a feeder layer system for creating human embryonic stem cells.” So, that leads me to wondering about the whole cord blood banking business that is extracting much of the finishing blood that a newborn will need to set their immune system. If we can indeed get these stem cells from this free flow of feminine blood, do we need to continue to bank cord blood? Again Google menstrual blood and stem cells and you will find more informative articles.

Sacred Birthing School & Kauai Doula (The Seven Sisters Doula Collective) Events

The next Kauai Doulas — Seven Sisters Doula Collective meeting August 27 from 10:00 to 12:00 at Rachel’s house on Kalihiwai Ridge. We will be screening the video Doula: The Ultimate Birth Companion. A documentary film from the makers of Freedom for Birth, One World Birth and Microbirth.

The Sacred Birthing Community Doula/Preconception Course. The next class begins on August 14 and will end on December 11. This is the final course for 2015. Here is the schedule for 2016 January 15 to May 13 — Meeting on Friday mornings from 9:00 to 1:00 Heal Your Own Birth Workshop — February 12 an 13 9:00 to 4:30 Energy Workshop — April 15 and 16 9:00 to 4:30

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There will be another Level II Sacred Birthing School Doula Course in February of 2016

Please feel free to send feed back about the articles shared and pass on the information so that we continue to create safe and soft births for all families and their children. Many blessings to all.