Donald Trump: The American Presidential Race and the Emotional Voter

So what leads today’s American voter of the proclivity to ensue Donald Trump’s misanthropic campaign? Trump is preying off the vulnerability and hopelessness of the American people. It is this type of ploy that plays into the psychological subjective culture of the minds of a predetermined audience. In other words, he is using all elements characterized within a specific cultural group, in this case, the cultural group of a most assailable state of mind. The result of this modus operandi entices a universal social identity within the conceptual framework that has been historiographically streamlined.

Consequently, in his sprint for the White House, Donald Trump has and continues to grow empathetic votes from the part of the American voter already fueled, and overpowered by the socio-economic issues in the country. I refer to the term empathetic, because Trump’s supporters are drawn to his ‘appeal to emotion’ fallacy, or rather, emotional coercion with political end means.

Economic outcry, social inequality, environmental laxness, animal cruelty, and a host of multitudinal issues are, have been, and remain paramount concerns. It is these controversies that the political leaders aspiring to the presidency of this country need to endorse to the American citizens, including a feasible plan of action. Here in America though, American political leaders more so than discuss the issues of national concern, engage in unsound arguments that lead inconclusive.

So what is the answer? The answer is simple, carefully self-reflect of what is truly important to you. Do not just take for granted what you hear on the news! Educate yourself on the candidates of both their domestic and international policies, their years in service, the different administrations and epochs they have worked under, and so on. Learning from their doings we can then conclude a more informed and educated decision free of any biases.

The solution to our affairs is in our hands, not in Trump’s political rhetoric. We need to do for our country, together, to be number one in education, social equality, and environmental sustainability. When all these elements harmoniously come together, money will follow.

We need experience running the country of the free world, not experience running a business. We the people are not a commodity to reckon, but a people, a society with human weaknesses, pitfalls, and virtues. If we allow Donald Trump to triumph into the White House, he will subjugate America’s already apartheid into a paradoxical mayhem you will wish never to have endured.