What To Wear on Cruise By Barbara Gerwit

Barbara started her career in fashion at an early age, at the age of twelve, after her mother gave her a birthday gift from a sewing machine at home. From that moment, she decided to devote her life to the world of fashion. She later became one of the greatest clothing designers in America.

Barbara Gerwit Cruise Wear For Women

Barbara designed this resort line of hand-embroidered tunics and tops, as well as other related accessories. Casual print dresses and tops are now part of this growing collection. Her clothes are worn during casual shopping days in these sweet tropical nights in luxury hotels, restaurants and cruise ships around the world.

Cruise Wear For Women

The Barbara Gerwit 2019 collection includes tunics, tops and accessories embroidered by hand and blocked by hand. Its light, airy fabric made of brightly colored cotton grass, silky cotton, crushed cotton, knitted Lycra cotton and white linen, meets the expectations of all.

They are both portable, trendy and comfortable for a cruise ship or seaside resort and can be worn from day to night, depending on the accessories, dressed or casual.

I was eager to receive my samples, but I was not sure what I would receive. I was enchanted by the white top, with the hand-beaded trim in neutral tones. He is absolutely gorgeous with the brown and white pants they sent. But the best part is that I can wear the top as a blanket, with the brown and white funky pants, or more dressed with my white linen pants at night.

My next test was washing the clothes to see how they would resist. I washed the tunic in my hand. I was considering loose threads around the beading, but that did not happen. When I checked the seams, they were all double stitched. For those of you who do not sew, it may not make any difference. My mother was a seamstress and a seamstress who was very detailed, so I’m looking for everything. The pants wore a machine-washable label. That’s what they got and everything is fine. This line is quality.