An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

Choices have consequences. Ms. Jane made hers, but now wants to blame the CEO of Yelp for her poor decisions. Apparently the only person in the USA who doesn’t know that the Bay area is one of the most expensive places to live is Ms. Jane.

I assume while in school she learned some basic math, but maybe not. To take a job knowing that your income would cover rent and no much more is your decision, Ms. Jane. Do you want us to believe that you didn’t know you’d have transportation costs to get to and from work? Did you not know that you’d have to pay your utilities and buy groceries?

You say you ate nothing but rice, but the internet is both wonderful and cruel at the same time. It is out there that this statement is a complete lie. In looking at these pictures and reading what you posted, it doesn’t appear to me that you were “starving”.

I think this was a calculated move designed to get someone thinking you’d be great in a media role. Or, it was calculated knowing that bleeding hearts would feel sorry for you and send you money. After all, you just want to think about things rather than actually doing anything. Whatever the reason, you deserved to be fired. Free speech is one thing. Common sense is another. You are lacking common sense in a big way. When your 5 minutes of fame dies down, you can bet you will have a tough time being hired anywhere. Let’s hope you learn from this situation and grow up.

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