Your Next 7 Seconds Count. Starting Now. 7 Seconds To Control Or Let Go. Decision Time.

Barbara Grace
Nov 23, 2017 · 7 min read

If Your Life Sucked Yesterday; It Will Again Today Unless …

When Is A Fence Not A Fence?

#1. The Choice To Choose You

#2: What Fearing The ‘Blank Slate’ Says About You

#3: You’re Creating Your Mark — Even When You Don’t

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#4. The Struggle of Perception — “One Day Is As All Days”

#5. The Power Of The Present Moment: “Get Back To Breath”

#6: What Can You Change?

#7: What Can’t Be Changed?

You’re 7 Seconds Away … Just As Long As You Stay …

Start your next 7 seconds by getting this checklist and choose how you perceive today. Its starts with an open and creative mind.


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