I’m Interested In You. That Doesn’t Mean I’m Trying To Have Sex With You.
Megan Bruneau, M.A. RCC

I am older than you. Society was not so free when I was attractive. However! My exhusband constantly criticized me for acting friendly and interested in my fellow humans. It broke us up because he saw only one side of me and did not approve. 
When I worked on a job site, an engineere said I must be a lesbian because I wasn’t interested in him. As if!
Now, I am old and ignore men in general because even now, should I engage in conversations with some of them, they still think I am ‘interested’. Ewww.

People are interesting and they are all we have. Please protect yourself as, sadly, most of them are not as nice as you. I am sorry about your bad experiences but there will be more to come.

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