Some time ago, I read an article in which the author said he didn’t mind laws curtailing his freedom in the name of health, because the laws gave him the “freedom” of a longer life.

Good health and longer life are good things to have, but they aren’t freedom. They’re different qualities. They are separate from freedom and not-freedom. I think if you’re talking about freedom, you should talk about what you can do and your responsibility to respect the rights of others. If you’re talking about health, talk about nutrition and exercise, or drugs and surgery, or disease and germs, or any of the countless things that make up the subject of health.

Given the choice, I’ll take freedom — the real kind — over forced “health”. I want the freedom to choose a treatment, or even no treatment at all. I don’t agree that following all the dictates of mainstream medical will give you a longer life, but given the choice between freedom and a longer, unfree life, I choose freedom.

I also want the freedom to do anything I want to my health, whether it’s skydiving or drinking high fructose sodas. Advertise at me all you want on how horrible it all is, but keep your bans and behavior control taxes to yourself. I’d rather live free.

Photo by NC MINERAL on Unsplash