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Sule Rimi, image source: the Royal Court Theatre website

If this is not the first one in my series of conversations that you are reading, you may have noticed a pattern: I always ask people whose work I really enjoy to be part of the series. If someone’s work speaks to me, it will make me want to speak to them, and to discover more about it. For me, these conversations are a great source of joy: both because they allow me to find out more about the incredible work of the individuals I get to talk to, and because I get to share it all with you.

However, I’ve always been shy about approaching actors: there’s something about that craft in particular that fascinates me but asking the right questions always seemed impossible. How do you ask someone to explain the magic behind their own stage presence? …


Barbara Kolaric

Dreamer. Cat person. Londoner. Figuring out how to write about art that challenges me.

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