So you have an app idea, eh?
Robleh Jama

Witth all due respect ,i dont think the idea equals almost nothing on the contrary w/o the idea nothing can b done in practice .Personally i am all of the above types you described but the couch(app)therapy was not relevant, I have researched my idea ,i know who i think my market would be i made a plan with the modules needed to work i am willing to learn code even but i know it doesnt really worth it bcoz i dont intend to be full time developer ,i am also willing to pay and of course my question is > if i pay a developer what stops him from implementing the idea himself before or after being paied .i think its a legitimate concern . My idea could be brilliant or not and even so could work or not but again my point is it costs nothing the developer who already wrote the code (or not yet) to duplicate and use it as his own .. why is that so far fetched?

i d like to ask btw if i can get an estimate time /price and/or if you know any site where there are premade modules that i could use to create an app.(obviously if the time needed for what i ask would be small to reduce the costs and provided there is trust i d prefer a developer to do it but that doesnt mean that i only have a general idea and not exactly what i want coded)

in fact i m actually thinking that even if i find solutions for some of the things the app needs i dstill need someone to check it and probably put it together to run smoothly and here my question is again the previous one…how do ppl outsource w/o having their idea taken? i thought thats the best place to ask thank you

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