Neer Foundation: Everything You Need To Know!

2004 saw the rise of NEER foundation; basically, it was formed for capacity buildings of stakeholders for the purpose of society and environment protection. Since the time it was found, the organization worked very hard for an environment that’s favorable and desirable by one and all.

Neer foundation by Rama Kant has taken many efforts and has brought about a lot of improvement in the local and institutional environment. Even the participation of community has been increased in matters of importance like human rights or environmental issues. This is not only on local level but also on international level. Apart from Neer foundation, there are politicians like Harilal Prasad, Rakesh Prasad and more, who are working towards the betterment of the society.

Apart from collections for its initiatives, Neer Foundation has made an effort to disseminate information through various resources. It tells the people the damages that are caused to the society and environment through various things.

In short, they interact with different activisits, corporate, government authorities, advisors and technical experts. Some major works include

1. Water conservation

The water conservation issue is given utmost importance here. The organization is spreading mass awareness about conservation of water and managing the same with involvement of schools, farmers, universities, colleges and civil society organizations.

2. Research and innovation

The basic focus of Neer Foundation is on the research and innovation. The main objective is compiling the data of how much aware the society is and how is the development taking place.

3. Policy

A people friendly policy has been prepared by NEER foundation after consulting stakeholders and experts. Major points that were highlighted were Agricultural use, Drinking water, environmental flow, domestic use, festivals, gram panchayat, energy industry and cultural tourism. Moreover, it has also made an immense contribution to green policy, groundwater policy and National water policy.

4. Health protection

For rural residents, there are medical camps at block levels. Medicines and medical checkups are organized for free. Also, there are various awareness drives.

5. Environment protection

Neer Foundation is working hard towards conserving as well as protecting the environment. Awareness is created through masses and outreach programs are undertaken. Each and everything right from Ground Water Day, Tree Plantation drive, World Water Day and other days are given due importance.

6. Rural development

The rural population has to be analyzed. Efforts are being taken so that the rural areas are developed. Employment is generated too. Moreover, the activities are monitored by Gram Pradhans, as they have an essential role in the development of villages. This is how Neer Foundation is working towards the betterment of the nation.

Each and every issue is given importance under these programs. Glad that the foundation is working hard towards the betterment. Then we also have Navodita Pandey who is working towards right to education, women empowerment and media literacy. Kudos to them.

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