Why The Green Heart?

The Urban Dictionary, which I love for definitions of things like “heffadonkis”, “Ann Curry’d” and the best insult of 2008 (“Straighten up your own act before whining about the world, or if that’s too much, wear a blindfold, zip up your mouth and live in a cave” attrib: Maj. Motoko Kusanaga), and because “urban” and “green” seem to be oddly paradoxical, yet morphing into one here in Detroit, states:

I can’t speak to anything Irish, being Swedish and all that, but the idea of dull machete’s smacking, (well…come on…dull machete’s don’t slice incisively), through a vast Irish jungle of indecision is sort of apt.

We can only keep on smacking with big, dull, ma-che-tes.

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