Let’s stop calling them ‘soft skills’
Seth Godin

I enjoyed reading this article that chimes with my experience. The problem arises when ‘leaders’, who can only communicate with a limited range of people like themselves, work with people like me. Coming from a poor part of Glasgow, I find it easy to talk with a broad spectrum of people because I am comfortable with relationships based on equality and I assume the intelligence of others. At an annual PDR, a manager once said to me ‘Your friends in high places may defend you but I know what you are really like’. She is socially awkward, patronising those she refers to as her ‘subordinates’, and bullying me out of my job proved her belief that someone from east Glasgow has no place in education. This kind of manager is often considered ‘professional’ (by managers who share their prejudice)- this explains why so many students from poor backgrounds struggle to find their way through the jungle of prejudice.

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