Ever feel like this?

Like everybody in your surroundings is wiggling something in front of your face? Questions? Stories? They want your attention. They rub it into your face. Everybody is doing it in a different way, but they all do it, some of them, if you allow them to do it.

I close my door and I lock it. Somebody knocks. I ignore it. I put on headphones and I drift off into music. I drift off into music and I write, I paint, I do something. I choose who I want to see or speak with and I choose when.

Family needs boundaries and as a child I was denied boundaries, because my parents tried to control me. They forbade me to lock the door, because they had to be able to check on me. Now I say…


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Christopher Reusch

I am, to my knowledge, a human being and have somehow managed to break through my own personal dilemma and started to create lots of content to free the mind.