Talk Web Design 2016: Creativity, code and camaraderie

Kathleen Corr

Peter Gasston

Mike Brondbjerg

Rachel Andrew

  • you can name grid areas and refer to them when defining where content starts and ends
  • you can mix up your row spans and column spans in any combination you like
  • you can pull elements out of the order of the source code (which should still remain semantic and accessible, of course) and arrange them in any way you like on the page thanks to the parameters available
  • grids can be set to backfill gaps in the grid when set to auto-flow, for example in an image gallery where you have mixed portrait and landscape images and want to ensure the full width of the window is used by the content

Carolina Soto

Richard Rutter

Ben Foxall

Andy Clarke

Brendan Dawes




Designer. Photographer. Soon-to-be-ex-Londoner!

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Barbara Asboth

Barbara Asboth

Designer. Photographer. Soon-to-be-ex-Londoner!

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