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My bedroom is my sanctuary. It has no tv; never has. I have light-blocking honeycomb blinds, so it’s dark as a cave at night. On one side of the bed is a small vaporizer so my nose and throat don’t dry out overnight. On the other side is a sound machine — I listen to the ocean waves hitting the beach and recall the many days and nights I hung out on the Atlantic Ocean when I was in college. The room temp is 65 degrees, but on cold winter Colorado nights, it can be colder in that room, so I have a small, rotating space heater that I run for about ten minutes before I hit the sheets. It is timed to shut off about an hour after I’m in bed. And my bed….it’s a thing of beautiful comfort. I sprang (no pun intended) for a really quality mattress with a soft topper. I have top-quality flannel sheets, a warm comforter, choice pillows and a handmade quilt from Amish country in Pennsylvania. The pictures in the room are of my sons through the years. The other things in this room are personal items, memory items that make me smile. Most nights, I listen to a book on audible as I drift off to sleep. I time the book to shut off within thirty minutes. I cocoon myself into this “lady cave” every night and sleep like a baby. It’s my favorite place.

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