How to select the right caterer for your wedding party

Aston Parker
Jan 8, 2018 · 3 min read

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” — but not only the men, this saying goes even more perfectly with the wedding guests’ hearts. And thus hiring the right wedding caterer is one of the most vital factors in the wedding planning.

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Let’s have a look at some important points following which you can make a more informed and wiser decision.

  1. Get referrals — Consider checking the online ratings and reviews on caterers working in your locality. This is the primary step in your quest for the right wedding vendor. Tastings are really great, but you won’t have enough time to do tastings everywhere. So it would be better to depend on users’ recommendations. Your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours would be considered to be the greatest resource in this regard. Get recommendations and narrow available options down to 4 to 5 caterers before making appointments. After shortlisting the vendor, ask for referrals of previous clients from the vendor.
  2. Keep your budget in mind — There must be a wedding caterer out there for every budget. But it would be better and more time-saving to have an understanding of your overall budget and catering budget before you start your quest. Don’t skip the budgets for plates, tables, and linens as the caterer is very likely to renting such items. When it comes to your catering budget, you shouldn’t forget to include the budget for tipping the catering manager and wait staffs. You might be asked for a 50% down payment at the time of signing the contractor. So make sure you are really sure about your decision.
  3. Check with the wedding venue — Some venues have their own approved list of wedding caterers in Guildford. They allow only vendors approved by them. And so you must decide on the venue prior to selecting the caterer. This would be a good option to choose from the list. The caterers on the list are accustomed to the set up and feel comfortable while coordinating with the venue staffs. But if you don’t want to choose one from the list, better you talk to the venue manager.
  4. Be open about your requirements — Whether you want to choose a veggie menu, or have any specific food allergy or have concerns about any ingredient or if want to have some special dishes for the kids on the menu, if there are children at the party — just make it clear with the caterers in Guildford before you make the appointment for tastings.
  5. Have everything on paper — There might be a number of gray areas when it comes to catering a wedding. Does the caterer provide linens and tablecloths? Do they have any hidden cost? Do you need to rent service dishes, if it is a buffet? Well there might be a number of questions like this. Make sure you ask whatever you want and get discussions on writing. Also read the agreement carefully before you sign it off.

These are a couple of things you need to consider while hiring a wedding caterer that suits your need and budget. You can also read for quick tips finding best wedding caterers.

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