Hillary Clinton: A False Representation of Women Today

Ask any young woman of this generation what she wants most and her answer would most likely be to have enough money so she could travel the world. Now, there is nothing wrong with money and wanting to travel, but there is something off-putting about this new desire stirring in our generations’ women. As I have taken note, they are not looking to travel for volunteer purposes, or to live with an Italian family in the countryside; They are not looking to immerse themselves in the culture, to learn a language, or to explore the differences in politics and social norms. Of course, there are those who do, but this article is not about those women, this article is about the many other women, the ones we (myself and other self-respecting 20-somethings who find themselves deep in the throngs of Instagram model pages) see plastered all over our social media, who choose to travel solely for the purpose of showing off- and get paid for it. I call this the new wave of “pseudo travelers”.

At first glance, the “pseudo traveler” might not seem like a woman of impact, or one worth discussing, but what these women reveal is the continuous lack in drive for anything greater or of purpose to the world around them. The only thing they strive for is that perfect bikini picture during sunset on a beach in Fiji, dancing under waterfalls with salted hair, and posting it all on Instagram to see how many likes they get hoping that just maybe these “adventures” might make them a somebody. Furthermore, these women are not just any women, they are privileged, white girls, usually models, aspiring models, or aspiring lifestyle models. They travel first class, stay at high end resorts and bask at day spas on enchanted islands of the Caribbean. If not, they try very hard to make it look like it. Girls everywhere are bombarded with these images of tanned beauties who are their own personal advertisers of unrealistic ideals.

I have seen my fair share of documentaries about how the images of women in the media are viewed as sex objects only known for their bodies and not their brains, but what do we do now in a culture where girls are advertising themselves to be that way? It’s no longer the magazines taking away their choice through airbrushing and extreme edits. Girls and women today have become their own editors of trying to achieve perfection. At least when it was just the magazines, young girls could have some faith in knowing that even the models agreed that they did not look like that and that how they appeared was out of their control. Today, that same image can appear through an Iphone camera. What is that telling our girls? It is telling our girls that the only things important in life are achieving these unrealistic ideals of beauty in the body that you’re in and the places you go not because a magazine editor is telling us to, but because women themselves are.

The women who came before us have been fighting for the women of our generation and generations to come to live in a free world where we can be seen for our brains instead of our bodies, where we can vote and go to college and live in a world where our opinions matter, but as the generations move along and women are given more choice, the choices some are making are doing the rest of us a disservice . Women everywhere pride themselves on being free spirits, wild things, world travelers, not game changers, CEOs or Intellectuals. Why are our girls still striving to be pretty instead of smart, thin instead of strong, traveling because of the way it looks instead of immersing in culture?

Hillary Clinton, the only woman running in the Democratic party for President, has been facing a lot of backlash from other women about her policies and what she stands for. The only thing I’d like to ask these women is why don’t you run for President? Whether you agree or disagree with Hillary Clinton, all women should agree that there should be more than one woman standing up there. It’s okay not to vote for Hillary just because she’s a woman, but that should all the more tell you that we need more women leaders. Someone like Hillary needs female competitors because it shouldn’t be about gender, it should be about policy. Hillary shouldn’t win just because she is a woman, she should win because she is the best person for the job. But, how could we look past that if all of her competitors are men? We then only see her for what she is not, instead of for what she is.

Women of our generation need to use what women like Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, and Bell Hooks have fought for to bring their lives and the world something more meaningful than a pretty picture because a pretty picture is not going to end world hunger, or help the environment, or assist in the fight for women’s equality. Women of our generation need to start using something they can’t put a filter on, their brain.