This past weekend, United States Strongman held their annual Pro Women’s Worlds in Louisville, Kentucky. Samantha Coleman was among the attendees made a big splash with her 600 lb deadlift. Coleman is now one of only a handful of few women who have hit the 600+ lb club with her deadlift. The deadlift was pulled strongman style, where hitching and and straps are allowed; however, Coleman did not use straps on this lift.

2016 has proven to be a great year for deadlifts; if you remember a few months ago in July, Eddie Hall set a strongman record by pulling 500kg.

Coleman’s deadlift is now part of a seriously impressive resume. This past July, Coleman set the world record for the UPA 198+ Women’s wraps & no wraps category with a 661 lb squat.

And if Coleman’s deadlift and squat weren’t impressive enough, she has a 391 lb bench press, which was recorded this past July at the UPA Relentless in Minnesota. At this event Coleman was ranked as the Best Lifter for the women’s raw category. It’s safe to say Coleman is in the upper tier of strong women. Coleman is a powerlifter, whose best meet total is 1,559lbs/707kg total, and she only recently began strong(wo)man competitions.

Another noteable deadlift worth another watch is Becca Swanson’s 672 lb pull from a few years back, done in powerlifting style without straps or hitching. Becca is arguably in a class of her own and for years was billed as the strongest woman in the world.

Regardless of the weight being pulled, both lifts are impressive and have us wondering if Coleman and Swanson are the only two females to deadlift 600 lbs or more in competition. If you have videos or know of any other women pulling 600 lbs or more, we’d love if you commented below or hit us up on social media.

Feature image from @colemanstrong Instagram page

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