Wednesday Wisdom: Inspiration

Who inspires you? What is it about them that lights a spark? Why?

Sometimes we’re inspired to change a complacent pattern. Repetitive routines dull our senses. Sometimes, we’re not living up to our potential, but the tigers in the jungle of our mind hold us back: fear, insecurity, self-doubt, shame. Uncertainty can become a storm on creative waters, pushing us toward the temperate climate where we’ve become comfortable, sated but not fulfilled.

I’m inspired by women. Brave women. Curious and unsilenced women. Women who feel life’s injustices and reach toward that fracture as a place of strength. This humble spot is where the platform waits, the platform of having a life with meaning.

A photo went viral this week, taken near my childhood hometown at a BLM protest in Whitefish, Montana. The young woman is valiant, brave, forcing an irate white man to look her in the eyes. Her name is Samantha Francine. She inspires me. Read the rest of the story.

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Photo by Grace Jensen

Humans are a social animal that learn by the examples of others. We learn first from our parents, then from exposure to the world. Limitations of exposure equals a limitation in possibilities. When we witness situations done differently, we build a foundation based on possibility rather than fear. A growth-based mindset is not the norm in our patriarchal culture. To heal from trauma, both individual and societal, we must shatter the barriers and build bridges with our deeper sense of self. We can learn to live differently. Inspiration is everywhere.

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Creative Nonfiction Writer, Memoirist, Obsessed with Growth, Beauty, Courage

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