My First Time Learning PHP at ElitePath

Why use PHP for Web development?

If you’re a newbie and you’ve wondered, why you should bother with PHP then trust me you’re not alone.

As I progressed through my Web development course, I stood my ground against: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and Javascript.

Now I’m up against PHP and I’m still as hyped as ever. I shrugged off all doubt and hesitation and looked it up.

PHP stands for Hypertext Processor. It is a scripting language which handles tasks on the server’s end, such as: authenticating a user or displaying results stored in a database.

PHP is a server side scripting language

Through my searches, I also discovered why PHP is so popular among programming languages. I’ll highlight on a few of the reasons that motivated me:

1.PHP is easy to learn and I totally agree with this because the syntax is quite similar to Javascript. Their arithmetic operators are the same and conditional statements are similar too.

Although there are some slight differences between PHP and Javascript syntax. For instance, Javascript uses: <script> </script> as opening and closing tags, while PHP uses: <?php as the opening tag and ?> as the closing tag

PHP opening tag

2. PHP is platform independent. This byasically means that PHP runs on any operating system, be it: Windows, MAC, Linux or whatever else is out there.

3.PHP is a scalable language. This just means that it reduces the amount of code programmers have to write.

Everyone loves the copy and paste function in Microsoft Word. In the same way, programmers find it convenient to reuse the same block of code in different areas of their web pages.

I just started learning PHP, but I fell in love with the include statement. Including files is particularly useful when you want to include the same PHP, HTML, or text on multiple pages of a website.

4.PHP comes with support. This is great news for us newbies because we can always find support whenever we get stuck or frustrated while writing in the PHP scripting language.

There is also free documentation and we can easily search how to learn syntax in PHP.

Use this link to learn more about PHP:

This is my fifth week of learning Web development at ElitePath and our tutors are slowing down the learning pace. (While preparing to drive us crazy, with voluminous workload and activities).

We’ll be learning PHP for a couple of weeks and at the end, we’re expected to handle some group projects. I’m hoping I’ll be able to able to apply all the concepts I’ve learnt, in my project work.

Thanks for reading and I’m wishing all the newbies out there, the best of luck in Web development!