Authentically Perfect

There really are a lot of contradictions in this life.

Take for instance in my business there is genuine push for authenticity, yet any training on Instagram marketing pretty much boils down to “make sure your pictures are perfect”.

How do I manage a balance of those two?

Just be yourself, but with really good lighting. — Instagram Marketers Click To Tweet

If you struggle with perfectionism, (unsure if you’re a perfectionist? Psychology Today has a great QUIZ) you might not even notice these conflicting societal cues because you’re already placing tons of pressure on yourself.

Perfectionism really is an attempt to avoid all judgement. If everything is perfect, everyone is happy with you. Perhaps you were criticized by a parent when you were younger. Perhaps by peers growing up. Most likely you criticize yourself.

Surrendering to the fact that nobody is perfect, and we weren’t designed to be perfect either is the first step in recovering.

“You’re imperfect and you’re wired for struggle but you are worth of love and belonging.” 
 — Brene Brown

We’re talking about living in grace. Grace that says even though you mess up, even though you make mistakes, even though you aren’t perfect…you were made with a purpose. Practice this week surrendering and letting go of a need to do things perfectly.

It is better to do the thing, run the race even if you didn’t train. Write the post for your blog, even if you don’t have it just perfect. Have that friend over for tea, even if your living room is messy.

Perfect causes you to miss life. Surrender and say yes to more life.

Surrender in the knowledge that while you weren’t made to be perfect, you are perfectly made Click To Tweet.

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