Organizing Your Comeback Story

The UNSTUCKable Badass Series (Season 1: Episode 2)

 How do you comeback from a major event in life that makes you feel stuck, perhaps even down for the count.
 Watch as Becky Lauren from Photo Becky & Becky’s Balance talks about managing her busy full time career, managing her businesses, breaking down goals, and still to take care of herself.

My best advice is to start it with you first — Becky Lauren Click To Tweet

Becky talks about how a simple nutrition and exercise plan, that isn’t a diet (something we both ascribe to) helps keep her from feeling overwhelmed, and how having a support system of other women has been crucial to her success.

On the vulnerability of working on yourself:

“My best advice is to start it with you first. Because before you can take on any challenge and you can go out there and put yourself out there, you have to look at yourself and say: Where am I at? Where is my happiness level? Am I eating well? Am I surrounding myself with really good people? What does my life look like? Am I ready: emotionally, physically, everything to take on this challenge?”

When this blog posts, Becky & I will be on a Caribbean cruise we earned from our nutrition brand partner. If you’re looking to for a tribe of women to support you, and a side hustle that is good for your soul let’s make that happen. You can exchange guilt for grace, diets for health, and fear for abundance. (Click to email me! We’ll set up a call, and help will catch your dreams.)

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