The Stigma of Openly Supporting Hillary Clinton
Mary Juhl

Can someone explain the “30 year political career” to me? As I understand it, she was a Senator in NY for 8 years and the Secretary of State for around 4 years. That equals 12. Please note that I don’t think “First Lady” constitutes a political career. While it certainly exposed her to a number of experiences, pieces of information, and realm of influence, she was not chosen by the public for that position. Yet people say Bernie Sanders has “done nothing”, while he has held elected offices for 26 years with favorability ratings that made him the most popular senator in the country.

Can someone also explain to me why it is that supporters of Bernie Sanders are being called to task for not selecting Hillary Clinton, being accused of effectively electing Donald Trump? Why isn’t this the other way around? Why aren’t Hillary Clinton’s supporters “ coming together to defeat the evil we face with all the determination and strength we can muster” by joining the ranks supporting Bernie Sanders?

I wholeheartedly agree that people should not be bashing or hateful in this process, and that polite conversations can be had. But if you claim to value the rights of millions of your fellow Americans, if you believe in progressive goals, if you follow Bernie’s philosophy of “Not me. Us.” I expect you to vote for the person WITH those goals — Bernie Sanders.