Dear Hillary Supporters –

Here’s the problem: I’m not actually a democrat. So asking me to support Hillary because she has 375 more delegates and 3,720,351 more votes (you do realize this is just 1% of the US population, right?) does nothing to motivate me. And please — just because I don’t support her doesn’t mean I DO support Trump. My “drumpfinator” app is about the only thing that has kept me sane this primary season. I get it — he’s a misogynist, racist, everything-ist with no political experience.

On the other hand, she’s does have political experience — 8 years elected, 4 years appointed — and it gives me enough information about her to see that I am not interested in voting for her as president.

Her support of TPP, her support of big banks, her questionable personal server decisions, combined with her apparent shape shifting to create the candidate she has become (Against or for same sex marriage? Increasing the minimum wage? Immigration? Gun Control?), with a dash of SuperPac funding full of pharmaceutical, defense contractor and big bank money create a recipe for someone I don’t trust.

The implication is that if I don’t choose the democratic candidate, I’m supporting Trump. How about the Democratic Party giving me a candidate I can stand behind? Or hey, I’d be good with the Republican Party giving me a candidate I can stand behind. I just want to believe in them!

I’m tired of voting “against” candidates, and this primary was this first time in a long time that I’d been excited to vote FOR a candidate. Do I agree with everything that Bernie Sanders says? Nope. I’m definitely more fiscally conservative than he is. Do I trust him to make good decision based on his personal sense of honor, rather than to sell out or back down to larger interests? Absolutely.

And if you want to give your children someone to look up to — well, I get it — you want your daughters to believe that they, too, can become president. However, how about doing the harder work of teaching them to choose the person who stands for something important? That it doesn’t matter if it’s a man, woman, black, white, tall, short, old, young, etc — that is the sort of “ism” that we’re bashing the Republican candidate for, isn’t it???

Who should it be? It should be the person who in the face of strong opposition not only says, but votes and behaves in ways to support his belief system — someone who marched with MLK, Jr. and voted against NAFTA and for Glass-Stegall and against the extension and expansion of the Patriot Act. THAT should be the person you want your children to look up to. That was the only candidate this time around who deserves my attention and my vote.

And in November? Well, I suspect that by then, Bernie will be back being an excellent Senator with a greater than 80% approval rating among his constituents (something neither of the other candidates has come anywhere near). As for the presidential election? I can’t tell you who I will vote for, but I can tell you it will be based on who they ARE, not who they aren’t.