Can someone explain the “30 year political career” to me?
Barbara Henderson

Joanne — Working behind the scenes as an unelected representative isn’t a political career. And don’t you think it would be more empowering if you actually credited her with the things she would have done/did do without her husband? Like co-founding Arkansas Advocates for Children and Family. Or becoming the first female partner of Rose Law firm.

Mary — the possible flaw (and I say possible because I don’t think either of us has a crystal ball) in your argument is that independents are not being considered in a number of states. And in the states where they ARE able to vote in primaries, Bernie is beating HRC. Shoot, the only reason I registered as a Democrat was specifically to cast my vote for Bernie. I’ve never declared a party in my 30+ years of voting. I also wouldn’t expect Republican turnout to remain consistent or to rise — it’s only something like 30% of Republicans who will vote for Trump, and not very many independents. Republican women REALLY don’t like him, but they also REALLY don’t like HRC.

In my state — Washington — the majority of the Super Delegates voiced their support for HRC PRIOR TO THE CAUCUS. If they’d done the same for any other candidate, you’d be screaming foul (or misogyny, or something).