7 things I did to reboot my life.
Wil Wheaton

You will forever be Gordie from Stand by Me. Wonderful movie! I want to share something I just read the other day and thought of it when you wrote how you worry about taking care of your family in the future.

updated from:I don’t have a record of the source of this excerpt and am unable to find the original. I think it’s an important concept:

Found it! This is from ‘How to Save the World’ by David Cain of www.raptitude.com

It takes extraordinary patience to allow adversity to unfold when it

will. Without doing the internal work to develop patience, we tend to

try to deal with all future adversity in the present, as if we could outthink

it by being extra concerned right now. This is not possible.

Potentially, we could spoil almost every present moment this way, by

entertaining pessimistic mental images and dialogues that do not

help us.

With patience we can deal with what’s in front of us, while we trust

that our best qualities will emerge at those times in the future when

they’re needed. This particular kind of patience is called grace.

School doesn’t teach it, popular culture rarely talks about it, religion

addresses it only in the most convoluted ways, but being happy is

ultimately always a matter of grace. To have grace is to have the

faith to leave it to our present-moment selves to deal with trouble

only once it is actually present.

Otherwise, we are endlessly importing insoluble future troubles into

our present moments. which are the only kind of moments we have.