Birds Everywhere

Today it was cloudy and I was sure it would rain . In fact, it had sprinkled a bit in the morning when I had gone to get something out of my car. But I know I need exercise, and in spite of my reluctance to go outside with such an ominous sky , I went. I knew I needed fresh material for my daily photo blog and I wasn’t really happy with last night’s post. I was almost too tired to write one last night.

I did not want to cover the same old territory in the park this afternoon. So I started to drive out to Sculpterra Winery, figuring if it rained I could always run into the tasting room for shelter. But I stopped long before I got to Sculpterra when I saw green fields full of yellow mustard in bright contrast with the gray sky. I parked in an industrial park across the street and decided to take my photo walk there. I have covered a lot of that walk in today’s blog entry, Photo Walk Under Ominous Clouds Yields Scenic Surprises, but I’ve saved the bird photos for here.

There were birds that seemed to fill the sky. I believe many were hawks . There were also some crows and pigeons, but the pigeons stayed on the ground and I wanted to capture the air force. The birds were flying over and under the wires and among the flags on the tops of buildings and they were often in groups. I’m just going to let the photos below speak for themselves. I barely made it back to the car before the rain started.

Did you get out into nature today?

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