Can You Find the Squirrel?

Do you see the squirrel?

One thing you can say about squirrels is that they move quickly. As I was walking down Oak Lane, the rural road where the small farms near me are located, I first ran across the pig I saw last time I was there. I took a lot of photos of her. This is one of them.

A Pig in Rural Paso Robles, California,

Then I moved on down the road and as I was about to photograph an oak tree, I saw a squirrel on the ground beside a fence. When I was getting my camera aimed, the squirrel jumped onto the post you see in the first photo, which was in the shadow of a tree. Can you see it? The tail is easiest to see.

I barely had snapped that shot when the squirrel leaped into this pine tree next to the fence and started climbing . It’s easy to see it here.

It really moved fast, and soon was almost lost in the tree. Below is the last shot I could get. Do you see the squirrel? It was soon completely out of sight and as I stood looking up into the tree, I couldn’t even see movement. I’m guessing it was already three trees away, since the trees were so close together.

Do you see squirrels very often where you live? Have you had any interesting experiences with them?

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