Time Out for Turkey Vultures

I love finding wildlife while strolling through vineyards near my Templeton home. After running an errand one February day, I made time to stop off at Zenaida Cellars and walk the vineyards. It’s one of my favorite vineyards because it’s full of mature oak trees. It borders an oak forest.

I always carry my camera so I pulled it out and started snapping pictures as I walked first toward the tasting room and then through the vineyards and toward the trees. Most of the trees are at the edges of the vineyards, but many remain where they’ve always been and the vines were planted around them.

Oak in the Middle of a Vineyard at Zenaida Cellars in Paso Robles, California

The birds were everywhere. There were turkey vultures flying overhead, but they were too fast for me to capture in flight and seemed to always dart behind branches or toward the sun while I was aiming the camera. I finally gave up and concentrated on photographing the trees.

One tree always attracts my attention at Zenaida. It’s at a back corner of the vineyard, northwest of the tasting room. It’s a huge tree, too wide to get into one photo. As I was playing with the lens and zooming in and out, I thought I saw a black blob near the top of the tree. It did turn out to be a vulture. You can barely make it out, but you might be able to zoom into the shot to see it better. I used my browser to zoom it to 150%. It’s near the top of the second main branch from the right almost at the top of the photo.

As I concentrated on the tree, I found three turkey vultures perched near each other at the top, so I zoomed in. They weren’t exactly into posing, so this is the best I could do at getting all three at once.

I stood there with the zoom focused on the vultures until my neck was feeling it. I wanted to catch one lifting into the sky, but they were too fast. I at least caught this bird spreading his wings.

The very top photo in the corner shows the best picture of two vultures in more detail.

Have you had any experiences with nature today?

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