Restarting my business at age 53

I started my business on this day eight years ago. I design and manufacture gifts in Jerusalem, Israel. It felt courageous to start from scratch at the age of 53. I had started a business similar to this one about 25 years ago, and ran it for 10 years, but I was purely a wholesaler and it was when the internet days were starting up. I operated out of a small room and then the premises got bigger. I was a one woman band.

I used to run around, working with designers and buying fabric and getting things sewn. Then running around to stores and chasing money. I started when Boaz, my youngest son was one. I have three sons, and I recall running home to make lunch or picking them up from school and then running back to the factory. I used to bring them in to work during the holidays.

Then I started to think is this occupational therapy, what am I doing? At about that time, as a family we decided to go back to Australia, so I sold the business, in due course it was sold again. After 18 months we decided that we could only live in Israel, it was our destiny by design. On our last day in Sydney Australia, someone said “Australia everything to live with, nothing to live for”. It was true for us, however glorious the beaches.

We returned to Jerusalem, I got work in investor relations with a dental Hi Tech company, then I worked in marketing in solar energy and then at a telecom firm. I then started running the gift store at a Museum, but was fired as I didn’t get on with the cantankerous owner. I then set up a business with a partner providing advice and courses to women in business.

Then my dearest mother died.

I remember going to a gallery and feeling alive and thinking time is passing, I must do what I love. I must be involved in making beautiful objects, that is my passion. That is my calling in life. I found a designer, and started making some items and sold them to stores,. Then my dear friend Rachel said she was opening a store and I should take a store next door. Which I did.

I now have three stores and sell worldwide. I love what I do. Life is too short not to do what you love. I’m grateful and glad I had the courage to make the decision to start over again. And in truth now that the kids are grown and on their various paths I have more energy and clarity.