The Drama Triangle & Why it Doesn’t Work
Sana Lynn

Loving how you are unpacking this, Sana! Wow. You are onto something very important here! You have explained the terminology so it makes sense, and is easy to grasp. And, the model is easy to remember; it’s logical. And, the Power/Violence model is beautifully done. I’d love to know more about what the symbols (the circle, the three bars at the bottom) represent.

Two other things I would like a bit more on — as you feel led. One, that we are “All Terrified of Our Own Power”. I’m wondering, why? What’s in it for us? How’d we get this way? Why do we keep doing it? How do we let go of the fear?

Second, in your definitions of Power and Violence (and thanks for doing the etymology dig), “Power” is the experience of life flowing through us, as us, and is governed by love. “Violence” is the experience of resisting or damming up that flow, and is governed by fear.” I am wanting some other words for “that flow” so that the definition can stand alone without the first one. Is it “our life-flowing energy?” Is it “life being resisted or dammed up?” I can’t figure it out, so I’ll leave it to your brilliant mind.

Congrats. This is great!

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