Hiking Barcelona

This is very little known, but Barcelona has great hiking day trips less than an hour drive away from the city as well as multi day hiking adventures less than 2,5 hours drive. Most of these adventures can be enjoyed all year around thanks to the Mediterranean climate. There are hundreds of hiking adventures to choose from. You have both mountain hikes and coastal hikes. For the mountain hiking you have Montserrat, Montseny, la Mola, and many other different hiking options. A bit further you have the Montsant in Tarragona, or the pre-pyrenees places like Cadí, Pedraforca. The list is endless. For a two day trip you have Montsec, and many different sections in the Pyrenees, as well as the ports of Beseit. Some of the hikes are around 1000m high, other 2000m high and even 3000m high. The 2000 to 3000m high in winter time become more technical.

For coastal hiking you have Punta de la Mora near Tarragona and Cap de Creus in Ampurdà, the Salvador Dali county, next to the French border. If hiking doesn’t give you enough adrenaline, you may try via ferratas, which is like rockclimbing without rockclimbing skills, but already a vertical adventure. There are via ferratas in Montserrat, notably Teresina one of the best via ferratas in Spain, or in other words in the world, you have via ferratas as well in Coll de Nargó, you have them in Centelles you have them in Andorra, you have them in the Montsant. And if via ferratas doesn’t give you enough adrenaline then you may go for rockclimbing for which the Barcelona region is one of the best in the world, Barcelona is to rockclimbing what Hawaii is to surfing. With the barcelonahikingadventures.com mountain guides you can do all these adventures be it hiking, via ferrata, or rockclimbing while minimizing the risk.

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