Montserrat hiking

Montserrat is an incredible mountain, apart from being an important tourist destination as a day trip from Barcelona, because of its originality and beauty, and because there is a monastery dedicated to Montserrat’s black Madonna that dates from the 12th century or older. The religious significance predates Chrsitianity as the romans built a monument to Venus. It is an incredible multi peak mountain made of conglomerate rock which gives it its characteristic pink colour. It is very unique in the world, the result of many millions of years of geological processes involving an ancient river delta to an ancient sea, where the stones were deposited, then those stones were pressurized for millions of years, and the elevation during the alpine period created the Montserrat mountain that started to erode differentially. It is a great for hikers and for rockclimbers alike. Montserrat has many hiking adventures to choose from. Some of them last a few hours other last the whole day. Montserrat is perfect for a hiking day trip from Barcelona. From the monastery to the lookout of Sant Jeroni, the journey to the area of the needles, or the game of the goose, which is more adventurous as ropes are used part of the way. Apart from hiking you can also try a via ferrata like Teresina, one of the best via ferratas in Spain, created by one of the best Spanish rockclimbers. You don’t need to be a rockclimber to do a via ferrata, just be a bit brave and sporty. is focused on safety, so their guides minimize the risk. If the via ferrata doesn’t give you enough adrenaline, you may try rockclimbing as well as Montserrat has more than four thousand climbing routes both single pitch and multipitch.

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