Montserrat via ferrata

It is incredible that only 40 minutes drive from Barcelona you can find a great Via ferrata like Teresina that provides an incredible vertical adventure. It is one of the best via ferratas in Spain, in other words one of the best via ferratas in the world, it was designed by one of the best Spanish rockclimbers. It will give you great sensations, feels like a multipitch rockclimbing route , but you don’t need special rockclimbing skills, any fit person can do it with a mountain guide. You have a freedom sensation all the way. From the moment you meet the wild goats while approaching the via ferrata, to the moment you finish the chimney with one last effort . It is really progressive as you start with the appetizers approaching the via ferrata, then the starters as you start climbing with your helmet and harness and carabiners with dissipator and your gloves, but not too challenging , then the main course with incredible aerial views with cliffs of several hundred meters below you like if you were a trad rockclimber in a multipitch route, and last as dessert you have an incredible chimney challenge to get to the Sant Jeroni lookout. Usually rockclimbers don’t like via ferratas, because they think that it cannot compare to rockclimbing, and doesn’t have technical challenge, but this one they adore. Don’t forget it was designed by a rockclimber.
Most clients can do Teresina in less than six hours. Teresina is in perfect state all steps and anchors have been renewed just a couple of year ago, so it is very safe. The mountain guides in are perfect for that. They are rockclimbing guides as well, so for them safety is paramount.

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