Stop blaming on JavaScript when all you want is to talk about Front End
Diego ZoracKy

Nice article Diego. I agree and like I said in a response to the article you reference, “Javascript is a victim of its ubiquitous nature”. It’s malleable, its got a low barrier to entry and it’s been adapted to do a hell of a lot of things, and therefore it (unfairly) gets blamed for a lot of things. We’re transpiling all sorts of flavors of JavaScript back to JavaScript to make it do more things and so it goes on…

I would compare this to blaming the tarmac in the world’s roads and highways for all the crashes that occur. Sure, the roads aren’t perfect, collectively, but they offer a solution to getting places. When people want to get to new places, we throw more tarmac down and build more roads, then allow people to drive. People still crash, so we improve the roads and so it goes on …

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