Amphibious Excavator and Vibro Ripper on Rent in Cheapest Price

The Amphibious Excavator is a very unique machine designed to work in areas that are inaccessible to conventional Dredging Equipment, Marshy and Swampy areas, soft land as well as floating on water. That makes the Amphibious Excavator ideal for use in canals, along shorelines and in wetland areas.

Our Amphibious Excavator Dredging Equipment is completely self-propelled and can practically access all terrains and yet requires a minimum of supporting transportation. We have small and large dredging equipment and therefore have many projects around the world where we perform.

Bardai group Machinery sole & only business is on supplying the amphibious excavator, and we are selling under the brand name, Bardai group. We are proud to offer you with the well-designed & reliable Bardai group Amphibious Excavators ranging from 5 to 40 tons built for critical workload on land, marshland, swampy land and shallow river ways.

The Bardai group range of amphibious excavators is designed to be totally functional, modular, stable and cost effective.

Bardai group Machinery goes down its administration with extra parts efficiently shipped to any destinations on a fast track basis with a wide dealership system around the globe. You will have the certainty of buying a machine that gives maximum uptime and lowest operating cost. Bardai group are built with reliable designed pontoons.

Viber : A Vibro ripper, a unique machine designed and produced to increase mining productivity.

A Hydraulic Excavator Attachment powered by modern hydraulics is an efficient way to transfer huge raw power of modern diesel engines to fracture the rock face and excavate the rock by ripping the strata. Robust hydraulic motor driven Eccentrics generate huge vibratory force which is used to drive a wedge in the rock face bringing on a break, subsequently the tooth enters the rock and helps rip the strata.

Once ripped the removal of the rock is simple process.

We have tested the machines over many different strata for more than 20000 hours till date before dispatching available to be purchased. Profitability change observed is from twice to more than 6 times over conventional methods on the same sites.

Presently we offer many models suitable for all modern excavators fitted with attachment circuits from 7 ton class till 70 ton class.

For further details please revert with your mine quarry details along with strata photos and available arranged equipment at site to enable us to suggest an appropriate machine.