Bardai Group Rental Equipment Introduces R220LC-9A Amphibious Excavator!

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Here is what the Bardai Group representatives had to say about the R220LC-9A…

This highly efficient mid-size excavator is prepared with amphibious undercarriage designed for wet environments like swamps and marshes. This multipurpose machine is ideal for maneuvering in soft terrain whether it’s dredging excavator a waterway or doing construction in wetlands.

The R220LC-9A Amphibious excavator features hydraulic extendable constructed with premium grade steel that are designed for floatation on water. This model features a proprietary design using multi-synchronous hydraulic motors on each pontoon. Multiple dynamic motors are provided to propel each pontoon for sufficient power making it virtually undeterred in any terrain. Optional spuds can be attached to supplementary pontoons to help overcome buoyant force and offer added constancy and enhanced operation.

The R220LC-9A Amphibious model is equipped with track shoes/cleats that are robotically welded for the greatest precision. Each pontoon comes with 3 strands of heavy duty track chains, constructed with high yield potency tensile steel.

Hyundai’s 22 ton (44,000 lb) class R220LC-9A Amphibious excavator boasts a 20'8" (6,300 mm) arm and a maximum dig depth of 34'11" (10,630 mm).

A few base specs of the R220LC-9A Amphibious

Operating Weight lbs (kg) — 44,000 (19,958)

Maximum dig-depth ft/in (mm) — 34'11" (10,630)

Arm Length ft/in (mm) — 20'8" (6,300)

Pontoon Width ft/in (mm) — 5'4" (1,620)

Estimated Water Level ft/in (mm) — 5'1" (1,550)

Transport Length — 45' 6" (13,870 mm)

Transport Height — 13'2" (4,020 mm)

Track Length on Ground — 13' 7" (4,150 mm)

To achieve optimum precision, Bardai Group designed this model’s hydraulic system to provide the operator with super fine touch and controllability. enhanced hydraulic valves, precision-designed variable volume piston pumps, fine-touch pilot controls and enhanced travel functions make for smooth process regardless of the operator’s experience level. Other innovations include a new auto boom and swing main concern system for optimum speed, a new auto power boost feature for additional power when needed and an improved arm-in and boom-down flow renewal system for added speed and efficiency.

In addition to providing highest performance, Hyundai’s R220LC-9A Amphibious excavator is built to last. This model also has improved cab structure power with stronger but slimmer tubing for optimum safety and visibility. Low stress, high strength steel is integrally welded to form a stronger, more durable top and bottom frame.

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