Presenting Bardai Group Amphibious Excavator Also Known as Swamp Buggy

Welcome to Bardai Group-your home for the largest range of swamp buggies available in the market. Amphibious Excavators are indeed multipurpose machines and they are variously called Swamp Buggy, Marsh Buggies, Dredging Excavator, Pontoon Excavator and Swamp Excavator depending on where it is used. Bardai Group Excavators come with various arms and pontoons to suit different types of jobs and they are fully tested in the extremist of environments. When you own Bardai Group Machine, you will have the confidence that it has been configured to work well and with the best of efficiency. The bottom line is important and that is what matters to you.

Bardai Group Machinery sole & only business is on supplying the amphibious excavator, and we are renting under the brand name. With years of experience in the heavy machineries and technical cooperation with Japan & Netherlands, we are proud to offer you with the well-designed & reliable Bardai Group Amphibious Excavators ranging from 5 to 40 tons built for critical workload on land, marshland, swampy land and shallow river ways.

The Bardai Group range of amphibious excavators is designed to be totally functional, modular, stable and cost effective.

Bardai Group Machinery backs up its service with spare parts efficiently shipped to any destinations on a fast track source with a wide exclusive dealership network around the world. You will have the confidence of buying a machine that gives upper limit uptime and lowest operating cost.


Bardai Group amphibious excavators are known for consistency under harsh condition. We warranty 2000 hours on our UHMPE track plates.

Bardai Group amphibious excavators are with modular designed.

Amphibious excavators are built for easy assembly and transporting.

It is easily converted to suit the ground conditions and reconverted back to work in different worksites.

Excavators are built to load easily unto low loaders. Some variants are built with extendable undercarriages such that they can ride on typical transports with minimum downtimes.

Features of a highly stable machine, entirely floatable on shallow water and designed with low ground force to be usable on soft soil structure. The machine also has a 360 degrees operating radius.