If execution was often a problem, effort was not. It wasn’t uncommon for a Homejoy employee to pull a 14-hour shift at the San Francisco office. At 11p.m, Luongo said there were often 20 people still at their desks.
Why Homejoy Failed
Christina Farr

I think it’s easy to conflate “effort” with “time spent sitting at desk.” There are plenty of folks who hang around late at the office because A) they have nothing better to do and/or B) they know it’ll make them look good/hardworking in the eyes of management. Meanwhile, it’s easy to point to the person who comes in late and leaves early and say “they’re not putting in the effort,” when in reality they could be working their butts off from their couch or a coffee shop every morning/evening/weekend.

Just wanted to call that out! Fascinating read.

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