BA Redemption Finder: how it works

Over 100 billion Avios points are collected per year by nearly 8 million collectors all over the world (source).

The problem: finding the best seats

But when you’re ready to spend your Avios on flights, things can get a little difficult:

  • The best redemptions are very difficult to get, so you’ll need to be checking every day (or more!): The most popular seats disappear very quickly. This makes it nearly impossible to get the most valuable seats — for example from London to Johannesburg in First. BA can release seats at any time of day or night (for example when people cancel, or if there’s spare room on a flight), so to get those perfect dates, you’ll need to check many times a day.
  • If you’re flexible, there’s no easy way to see what’s available: The BA website lets you search for specific dates or see a month’s availability at a time. If you’re flexible on dates and just want to see when is available, you’ll be left clicking away for hours.

The solution: BA Redemption Finder

BA Redemption Finder solves both of these problems, helping you get the best value from your hard-earned Avios. Thousands of people use the site every day to help them find flights.

  • Set up alerts, and we’ll tell you when seats become available: No more manually checking for the flights you’re looking for. Set up alerts, and we’ll check availability for you, and send you an email when your dates become available, and then you can book with BA online or over the phone. We’ll check for you once a day, or with an Elite membership for £3 per month, we’ll check your flights every hour. (Scroll down for more details.)
  • See all of the availability on one page: Let’s say you want to travel with your partner from London to Johannesburg in First, and you’re flexible as to when you travel. You can just search and see all the availability on one page, making it easy to find the perfect dates.

Get ahead of the crowd with an Elite membership

BA can release seats at any time. If you want the best chance of snapping them up, you’ll need to be checking constantly, day and night.

We’ll look for your flights once a day for free. But for the best chance of getting your dream flights, sign up for BA Redemption Finder Elite for £3 per month. Then, we’ll look for your flights every hour, giving you the best chance, putting you ahead of the crowd.

Don’t take our word for it! Check out BA Redemption Finder’s reviews on Trustpilot. Suzie rated us 5 stars:

“BA redemption finder is very very good. Not only does it save you time trawling availability, the alerts will give you the best chance to get the tickets you are looking for. Best £3 a month I have ever spent!”

The site is run by me — Tim — in my spare time and takes lots of love and effort to keep it going. Every pound you pay goes towards keeping the site running.

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