Hey! You! The unassailable V. K. Krishna Menon

Image sourced Nehru Memorial Museum & Library Photo Archives

Over, extreme right. Unmatchable “watch yourself!!” vibes from any guy’s smiling press op photo!!

Top hit on many scores and for the longest time, a top target. Ideally, one of the first results when searching “correct”, “effective” and “strong”. His personality playbook meant authentic ‘G’ credibility, which of course makes anything look great.

V.K. Krishna Menon’s clothes worked off of him. Here, they can’t contain the energetic, hard-driving India architect. Or the guy who knows his touches to traditionalist European uniform-ing.

He’s clearly rockin’ the words “classic always work”- something we think of all the time when we’re thinking men’s clothes.

Look forward to more just as fine-tooth-combed, Indian players of great bareekiyat on this page.