Ikat — Our New Playground

An aeroplane’s streaks. Tech glitches. Arcade games from back in the day — All this, reminiscent in our Ikat edit and brought to life by the talented master crafters of Pochampally, for our Essentials collection.

We asked ourselves, “What’s an ikat that rocks a meeting and then fluidly works in an after-party?”.

Having hit on that, the next bit of soul-searching was a natural extension of our original quest. We wanted to know, can we make ten of these versatile babies.

The trick, we found is, landing on single ikats that play on balanced pairings of loud and mellow colours. Subtle play was necessary, because our ikat works nonchalantly and then goes out to the hippest places.

Break your ikat virginity with sangfroid.

We’ve got a raft of keepers.



Revivalists–of loom towns, of breathability & comfort, of unstinting quality & heritage patterns. Count on us for classics, made like they used to be.

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