#just start

i chose the aim for me for this project is to stich a dress which i have not done before. And i often used to think that i can not do.

Three main task that i have to do.

  1. first of all, i made my mind that i can do it.and i realize that with out believing of our own self we can not do any thing.
  2. i just start to stich a dress with the help of my mother and a friend emaan.
  3. i search from net to design the shirt so that it looks beautiful.

at last after the struggle of 2 days i complete the shirt.

its a good experience for me because before doing it i always think that this work is not done from me i never ever do it.actually i have a fear in my mind and when i made my mind this work is becomes so easist.

the whole game is of mind our strong determination.

this task teaches me a lesson when you have conference on your self you can do any thing. just need of believing yourself.now i have realize nothing is impossible in life when we have passion to do some thing.

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