I get emails from Wild Words (Bridget Holding) and in the latest email she was writing about how to write story and how a good way is to let your characters flow and go down the path of least resistance. But, because of things I am dealing with at the moment it set me off on a very different train of thought. And this is what I wrote

Path of Least Resistance

The path of least resistance has been the story of my life, of saying yes when I mean no, of following the crowd. It’s an easy path to follow as it is already cut. It is the path where others walk, where things are known and planned., where one is never lonely having to make one’s own plans.

I’ve tested no in many ways, got wounded as I did but saying Yes is harder when it’s not where you should go.

I’m fast approaching sixty and time is running out. So it is time I started saying no and cutting my own trail. I have a path I know that I must walk but fear what others will think. But Death is creeping nearer and if I am not where I should be he may not find me there. As I do not want to live forever I need to start to practise that unknown, bold word, No, and will walk this new path boldly — though maybe not just yet.

I love to write, love history, love encouraging people and enjoy life.

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