Do this, instead of that…

Recently, I have become aware of a habit of mine that runs subconsciously and does not move me in a direction I want to go.

My goal for you and me is three-fold:

1. Become aware of habits that do not guide us to where we want to go.

2. Make a simple adjustment that replaces those habits (the ones we don’t want, keep the good ones).

3. Smile at the positive ripple effect we created.

The habit I want to adjust: Aimless browsing on the web.

I have become addicted to For the past 60 days, I have been browsing to BI at least 4–5 times per day. Yes, there is a lot of useful information here. However, recently I have found myself going w/o a goal in mind and reading articles that do not directly move me in a direction that suits my pursuits…just aimless clicks.

Another site is I believe many of you share this habit. I sometimes feel dirty when I waste my time watching some video about a drunk guy that is making a fool of himself in front of millions (rant — thanks to the virility of nonsensical bits of content that make their way in front of my eyes because the mass populous is bored and lacks desire of BIGGER things). Accordingly, I find myself completely disinterested in more than half of what lands in my news feed, yet, I navigate to FB aimlessly in search of who knows what, never to knowing what I have seen or found, or otherwise.

It is disappointing, the time I have lost with my aimless wander on these two mechanisms of content.

What else could I be doing with my time?

A better question is; what do I WANT to do with my time?

What jazzes me the most is designing awesome experiences. My day job is running an online business that ships live Maine lobster and seafood from Maine, direct to consumer. A lot goes into this, and the best part of my job is when I am working on crafting ways and means of inviting folks to do business with us, AND, the process of delivering an exceptional Maine experience every single time. I view my business as an agency that hand-crafts memorable experiences, delivered to your door, not simply as a shipper of lobster and seafood. This vision requires constant nurturing and focus. When I allow myself to get away, go on an aimless virtual journey in an unrelated world, I dull my swag and lose some of that shine that makes my heart beat.

My solution: replace the habit.

For the next 30 days, when I find myself automatically going to BI and FB for some wander time, I am going to pause, change my physical position, pick up my favorite pencil (I love crafting in pencil), my notebook, and write for 5 minutes about anything that comes to mind. Just 5 minutes, no more, no less.

My goal: be aware of the positive impact on my energy as it relates to feeding my swag.

Check back in 30 days for the results.

Feeling froggy? Take the leap with me. What is a habit that you want to replace? What impact will that have on your swag?