The Death of the Monthly Salary
Ritika Bajaj

Drugs are the reason I have a salaried position.

The main reason people stay with their day jobs comes down to health benefits. If health care was affordable, I’d become a free agent in a heartbeat. However, the company covered healthcare allows me to get affordable medications for my spouse. She, in turn, is able to work, travel, and pursue her dreams.

Many companies have flex time, where you can choose your own shifts as long as you meet deadlines and obligations. That’s allowed me to pursue creative side projects and maintain a life-work balance. Blaming the 9–5 job on hampering creativity is a cop out.

Also, my salaried choke collar is teaching me new skills and I mentor under some fantastic minds. You can read all the books on your fields, but nothing beats great teachers. A knight is just a master squire.

Of course, I may be accused of defending the addiction.

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