Yes, healthcare and other work benefits are essential for a smooth life, and no denying that.
Ritika Bajaj

Thanks! I never take it for granted. Layoffs and acquisitions happen, and I have a financial “go bag” ready when that happens. I freelanced for many years, and I do miss the big sum payouts and the freedom. I learned how to cold call, hustle up work, network, make friends, get paid. Yet, the web dev and design economy changed for the worse, and I had to take a tech support job to pay bills.

I was in the company of a lot of freelancers and entrepreneurs who took a direct strike by the Recession. I hated what I was doing, but I put my freelance skills to use to find a role I liked. I just went up to the department head and asked “are you hiring? Because here’s what I can do for you.” The lead liked my enthusiasm and when the role was available, I was his first candidate.

However, your post got me thinking. I need to get a side-hustle going.