E2E Testing with Protractor for Angular

I have been writing E2E test for a project that I am working on. And critical path on the project is the most important thing for us. And we have a ritual before every pull request. This ritual is critical path testing.

Our deployment cycle is like the following;

  1. open a pull request
  2. run a new vagrant environment with code that is in the pull request for preview/testing.
  3. test the critical path and new feature or bug fix.
  4. pass or fail the the pull request

As far as you see, there are just 4 steps for testing. And 1., 2., and 4. steps take short time. But third step takes respectable time. And it makes testing hard. Especially when there are a lot of tickets in the in QA column at Jira (By the way, we are developing with agile and scrum), our project manager gets lost in it. And I think the PM need to test just new feature or bug fix for every pull request (on the order hand, that’s a jira ticket too). But now, the PM test critical path and pull request content.

So I want to rescue my PM from this deadweight. Don’t let it be misunderstood. Like I said, this deadweight is just testing for the critical path. Because I don’t write test for new features or bug fixes yet.

Whatever.. I keep this theoretical story short. Let’s talk technical. But please continue reading on my blog.

Originally published at blog.alibarin.com.tr.