Amal Fellowship is one of the few good things that happened in 2020. A short journey of 3 months is about to end next week and I’ve already started missing my weekend sessions, learning group meetings, and my Amal family of course. …

An initiative to combat the climate change

Circle-1 (Abdullah-Bin-Zaheer, Farsab Dar, Arfa, Barira)

“He Who Plants A Tree, Plants A Hope” — Lucy Larcom

Problem Statement

Earth’s environment is getting worse day by day, the temperature is rising swiftly, pollution is spreading everywhere. People don’t have clean water to drink, no hygienic food to eat, and even no fresh air to…

Most of us give ourselves deadlines to complete the task on time, I also practice this. And now I came to know about another technique called “pomorodo technique”. What you have to do is to plan your work, set the timer for 25 minutes, start doing your work try to…

Bareera 155

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